For over 5 years, Hoysala has been an extraordinary restaurant in New Jersey serving authentic South Indian food inspired by exotic vegetarian and meat dishes from the four southern states. The name Hoysala and the beautiful paintings in our dining rooms were inspired by the architecture of a dynasty which ruled southern India during the 12th century ¨C ¡®Hoysala¡¯.

Hoysala offers exquisite lunch and dinner buffets six days a week. Our extensive a-la-carte dinner menu offers unique South Indian specialties like Akki Rotti, Ragi Mudde, Masala Dosa, Andhra Chicken Biriyani, Malnad Goat Curry and Karavali Shrimp. Our ample dining rooms can easily accommodate large walk-in groups. We invite you to bring your own alcoholic beverages during dinner.

A brief history of the Hoysala Dynasty:

The Hoysala dynasty was legendary for its wealth and splendor. They ruled, what is now South India, from about 1006 to 1346 A.D. How this powerful dynasty got its name is a tale that has been narrated time and again in Kannada folklore to this day. Hoy Sa'la meaning "strike Sa'la!" were the words spoken to Sa'la (legendary head of this dynasty) to kill a tiger. Since Sa'la tackled the tiger single-handedly and killed it, this heroic deed took the form of the dynasty's name. The rulers of this clan were called the Yadava Kings.

The Hoysalas were religiously tolerant and adventurous in their artistic expressions of faith and constructed a wealth of outstanding temples. Temples built by the Hoysalas are characterized by multiple, small, raised structures adorned with a dizzying abundance of decorations. Architectural innovation rose to new heights during this period. Examples of Hoysala art and architecture are depicted in the paintings in the interiors of this restaurant.